2 Homes in Mediterranean Rustic Chic

2 Homes in Mediterranean Rustic Chic

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Two home tours from the Med take us on an voyage of rustic decor discovery. Where rough stone and wood crash up against marble and sumptuous upholstery. At first glance, the large open plan homes with their high wooden rafters and exposed rustic stone appear as high-end American ranch houses. However, linear sofas, contemporary end tables and accent chairs swing the interiors in a more European direction. The colour palette throughout is a quietly relaxed play on taupe, with bolder tan elements in the first home, and an airy beach vibe in the second.

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  • Visualizer: Angelina Alekseeva
Our first home is an Italian villa in the Umbria region. An abundance of lush green indoor house plants bring a splash of vibrancy and organic form to the subdued surroundings.

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An L-shaped modern sofa effectively divides the open plan living area, separating the lounge space from the dining room. The modern winged reading chair and matching footstool have been selected in a contrasting tan colour for added interest, under the spotlight of a chrome standing lamp. In the centre, a chunky round wooden coffee table pulls the contemporary notes back into the rustic vibe. Decorative vases keep the rustic table looking chic.

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Sleek ice white units make up the kitchen, coupled with a freestanding kitchen island. At the central island, two kitchen bar stools have been added in a more beachy design. Woven seats over wooden legs aren’t the obvious choice to tie in with a minimalistic kitchen design but the selection compliments the natural stone wall perfectly.

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A white range cooker blends in with the white kitchen units.

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A fireplace sits behind the dining table, sending a cozy glow of firelight through the wine glasses.

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In the master bedroom, an ensuite bathroom extends directly into the sleeping and dressing areas.

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The bed is an upholstered design, with an oversized headboard that extends behind a table decorated by a unique bedside lamp. On the opposite side to the Snoopy Lamp, further ambience is provided by a slimline floor lamp.

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Marble covers the walls of the ensuite master bathroom in a typically Mediterranean chic vibe.

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A wooden shelving unit brings warmth back to the cool marble scheme. Fronds bow from a couple of planters to soften the edges.

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Thekid’s decor in this home hits ranch style rustic again, with plaid bedcovers and rope pendant light. The rough rustic elements appear more playful by introduction of sweet typographical art and a friendly elephant to sit on.

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Another kid’s chair sits at a wooden shelving arrangement, creating an inviting place to study or create artwork.

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Hexagonal tiles decorate the walls of this bathroom scheme. Terracotta coloured tiling is distinctly traditional Mediterranean, though the irregular edging of this geometric design portrays a quirky contemporary look. A hexagonal shaped mirror matches the wall decor.

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The bath and floor are finished in a mosaic tile.

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  • Visualizer: Jenya Lykasova
The second of our two home tours is a two-storey house on the Mediterranean coast. The brief was to embrace the seaside atmosphere and make the house a vibrant place with a cosy feel. The interior was also designed to have personality through appearing slightly aged and to become better with age, like a fine wine. Driftwood furniture has been implemented into the seaside reminiscent scheme, with two unique coffee tables looking as though they could have washed right up onto the beach.

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The decor of light warm tones recall the warmth of sand at the seashore. Antique beams above old stone walls and aged furniture evoke feelings of a house built long ago but still full of life.

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Two huge rattan pendant light shades decorate the ceiling, hung up like disused fishing baskets.

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Mother-of-pearl pendant lights and a tropical plant continue the seaside theme.

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The rustic elements in this space are balanced out with refined seating and a glass fronted dresser that displays a selection of best crockery.

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Stunning wooden doors provide a focal point in this white space. A run of kitchen pendant lights illuminate the countertop.

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The cabinetry crafted for this space is a high-end example of Mediterranean finesse.

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A door slides back to reveal a smaller cooking space.

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The concealed kitchen has a more rustic vibe than the scheme surrounding the dining room. Here, the units are a heritage grey with a complementary ceramic tile backsplash that resembles fish scale. Traditional faucets are an important accessory to the look of a rustic kitchen and the faucet in this space has been coupled with a modern undermount sink.

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A slab of eye-catching stone clads the adjacent wall.

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More driftwood can be found framing the mirrors, radiating beauty through imperfections.

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The rocking chair is of a simple rustic style.

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A second bedroom brings in some rattan light shades to keep things beachy.

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Decor in the bathroom is an amalgamation of contemporary and rustic styles. The colours are grey and natural wooden tone, aside from the crisp white basins, towel heater and laundry basket.

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This third bedroom is a more masculine take on the rustic beach theme, using old suitcases as a bedside table.

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The black wall sconces and desk frame add darker notes to the decor.

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Coastal breezy white decor fills the last bedroom.

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