White Walls and Exposed Brick Go Minimalist in This Couples Retreat

White Walls and Exposed Brick Go Minimalist in This Couples Retreat

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White walls need not be boring – they can be a star feature, if you’ve got the materials to accompany them. These visuals by Marina Tsoy use all the basics – white walls, light wooden floors and exposed brick – to create a home that’s spacious, interesting, and leaning towards the minimalist. As rough wood plays in tables amidst blue couches and ferns, the feel is pure, fresh, clean, a space acting the blank canvas. A surprise in the bathroom awaits with a splash more colour, while bedtime beckons in exposed brick. Play with the basics – and get it right every time – with this tour of an achievable interior in light wood, exposed brick and white.

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Our white-walled beauty opens to the most natural of spaces, the living room, where we begin our tour. Teaming up with an exposed brick wall which heads the kitchen, three long windows light up the space, which is floored in light wood. Grey blue couches offer a place to rest, a ceiling-mounted projector a sign of things to come. A bevy of indoor plants between the two sofas hark to the outdoors.

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Sidling closer towards the lounges, three rustic coffee tables, each in the shape of a tree trunk, catch our eye. As a coffee mug in black rests upon them, its hues reflect in the rug, a series of zigzags which add detail to the interior.

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A stark wall in white plays feature in the lounge, bordered as it is by a roaring wood burner and potted fern. A simple concrete plinth, also used to hold the fire, acts as a mantelpiece. As a stack of magazines and sculpted head add character, another potted plant punctuates the area.

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Made image by the kitchen’s projector, the white wall shows it’s for more than show. A perfect spot for a film or two, the fire and exposed brick wall to one side, potted plant to the other create a frame for a blockbuster or late-night Excel.

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As we gaze towards the couch, one of the room’s more subtle features becomes apparent – its swing arm wall lamps. The Gåsgränd Swing Arm Lamp here is a plug-in light, which gracefully hides behind the couch whilst extending its reach.

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Looking towards a wintry pine forest, the living space’s three windows proudly illuminate the room. Dressed with simple black frames and white-painted radiators at their bottom, they segment more painted brick, adding texture to the room’s white hue.

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As we follow more windows we face more brick, this time unpainted. The block shapes of the couches match the block shapes in the kitchen – its wooden extractor fan cover, grey cabinetry and wooden dining table lurking beyond.

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The dining and kitchen present more white, this time in an acrylic cabinet hiding a stove and fridge. A lone chair in white greets five others at the table, while more painted brick provides a frame for its red sister. A glass splashback in the kitchen makes the most of its wall feature, making this traditional domestic scene a touch more modern.

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The view towards the lounge shows off darker grey hues, tied together by the dining chairs, wood burner and horizontal LED light. Grey chairs to each side, the white fridge cabinet and windows keep the space open.

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To the side, a mirror pretends to be a corridor, reflecting the lines of the living room’s windows. Illuminated by LEDs along its edges, it’s the perfect trick to make this home appear larger.

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Long lines in the home also keep the look cohesive. The lone dangling pendant above the dining table sheds light on breakfast; light sockets in wrought iron make a feature beside the windows; the backs of the dining chairs add structure to necessity.

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White plays a large part in the home’s minimalist bedroom. French panelling creates a backdrop to a headboard in rustic wood. Simple bedspreads provide softness, without dominating the room. Two mats interplay on the wooden floor below, each featuring vertical or diagonal woollen grains.

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On closer inspection, a few more elements appear. Bedroom pendant lights, here in the style of dangling torches, pepper the room with lit cylinders. A white bucket-shaped table holds a pair of headphones, while the window’s black framing matches both the pendants and bed’s frame.

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The bedroom becomes more rounded, as brick and green show their faces. Lining the full front wall, exposed brick provides a frame for the bed, letting white walls be the masterpiece. A sprig of a potted green fern, coat hooks and a leaning illustration add character.

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Lying at the bed’s height, the exposed brick skirting is undoubtedly this room’s feature. A couple of white camera lights, in the same shape as the pendants, shine down on its glory. A fern on the bedside table keeps watch.

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Keeping it white and bright, a standing open wardrobe displays the owner’s most popular wears, a series of chiffon and pin-striped shirts and dresses. Wooden floors tie in nicely with a brown leather bag, which lies in wait for the next day’s work.

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Opening up to the wintry forest, the bedroom’s two windows share their look from the lounge. A plain white bedspread and simple metal table let ferns and brick do the talking.

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A delightful surprise in this house full of white, the grey bathroom leads us in with a not entirely different décor. Headlined by a burst of bubble mirrors at its centre, the sinks draws our eyes again with a sink in white porcelain. A simple white matching toilet, open plan shower and a bevy of house plants keep the look ultra-modern.

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Clad entirely in grey, the bathroom lets in light with another long window, the sister of those in the lounge and bedroom. A simple black faucet and the bath’s clean lines stay classic, while a tiled wall at the end and pebbled area at the window polish off the look.

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