Magnificent Modern Miami Mansion With Ocean Panorama

Magnificent Modern Miami Mansion With Ocean Panorama

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This phenomenal 7 bedroom home resides on prestigious La Gorce Island, with views stretching from Biscayne Bay all the way to Downtown Miami. Built on a lot of 23,000 sq ft, the 11,000 sq ft home has an outdoor living area that is designed as a natural extension of the interior space. At $38,000,000 this kind of luxury doesn’t come cheap, but you can expect a 200+ bottle wine room, 8.5 bathrooms, cinema room, gym, elevator, walk in closets, chef’s kitchen, staff kitchen, maid’s quarters, mezzanine and rooftop decks, zero-edge infinity pool, outdoor shower and kitchen, meditation garden, 3 car garage and a guest house.

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On entering the home, a magnificent panorama dominates an enormous open plan room. The lighting in the centre of the room is recessed into the ceiling to allow an uninterrupted visual flow from inside to out.

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Sophisticated high-end decor has been created in neutrals, allowing the room to take on nature’s palette of orange sunrises, blue skies and red sunsets. The light from the window reflects over the stepped surface of a large glossy coffee table, which is grouped with two movable side tables, and a menagerie of decorative items.

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When the glass doors are retracted, the view only becomes more breathtaking. Sunlight floods in over a soft beige leather sofa and a sculptural woven leather bench, set around a plush area rug.

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A second living room area has an L-shaped sectional sofa, situated around a square of coffee tables and ottomans. Two accent chairs and a bench sit by the windows so as not to obscure the view.

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Behind the living rooms, a sweeping staircase has one solid balustrade and one glass balustrade, which faces toward the view.

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A third sitting area is set in a circular formation, zoned by a round cream rug. A round coffee table sits at the centre, the bright blue sky reflecting off its glass surface. A pair of white balloon vases adorn the top. Above the central table a cascading modern chandelier visually anchors the third lounge in place.

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A chunky slatted room divider makes interesting shadows across the pale floor.

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Beside the wooden feature wall, an open plan dining room holds an impressive 12 place dining table, perfect for dinner parties. An enormous globe pendant light with a cutaway copper shell illuminates the spot.

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The head and foot of the dining table is set with special dining chairs that appear to be the Pipa chair we featured in our post on sculptural chairs.

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Twilight bathes the dinner party setting in warm golden light.

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The entry walkway passes by three bodies of water, two flanking either side of the spectacular staircase, and one opposite.

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RIch dark woodtone covers each of the floating interior walls, adding decorative weight to the light and airy decor scheme.

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Outside the home a generous deck serves as another room for entertaining, conducting meetings or for relaxation. The view of the ocean rushes up to meet private pools and a 400 sq ft dock.

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The twisting staircase design rises from the centre of the indoor reflecting pool.

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A sprawling collection of outdoor sofas, twin loungers, rattan chairs, large coffee tables and smaller side tables, are all in matching pale grey.

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The outdoor kitchen and al fresco dining area sits at the far end of the pool.

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Exterior warm woods complement expanses of reflective glass and pure white concrete trims. Bright blue skies flow over the surface of the infinity pool, which stretches away from the house to meet with the ocean.

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After a climb to the top of the custom staircase, another sitting room awaits. A driftwood coffee table brings a touch of the ocean up onto the first floor. Potted palms add greenery and life.

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A terrace offers another pitstop to take in the mesmerising view.

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As the evening draws in, the terrace becomes a peaceful place to sip a relaxing drink or two.

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An enormous rug covers the master bedroom floor with a subtle chevron pattern. Glass bedroom pendant lights hang low in front of a wide padded headboard that extends behind each of the bedside units.

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The bedroom has its own small lounge. A mature potted plant brings some of the greenery indoors to blur the barriers.

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This shower is not so much a cubicle as it is a hallway. Colour changing LEDs shine down over the glossy wall from a recess in the ceiling.

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Outdoor splendor can be enjoyed from each level of the house.

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The only accent colours in the home come from the green of living plants and from real ocean blue.

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Three plush stools sit at a marble bar.

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A small desk extends from a single set of drawers.

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Furnishings are simple and minimal, soft furnishings add texture and interest.

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A stepping stone provides passage across the pool to the outdoor dining area.

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Another bridge with floating volumes passes right by the guest house.

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The glass walls of the guest house can be retracted completely, allowing direct access to a plunge pool.

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The house would be an awesome party pad by night…

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… With walls drawn back, guests could move freely between each space.

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His and hers exercise bike reside in the home gym.

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The home theatre seats six on movie night.

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A smaller version of the interior sweeping staircase climbs the outside of the home.

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The floor of the deck is as pale as the interior to maintain flow.

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Exterior lighting ensures every area of the home can be enjoyed no matter the hour.

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