4 Small Studio Interior Designs That Give Little Places A Lift

4 Small Studio Interior Designs That Give Little Places A Lift

Live small, think big. The designers of these four small but beautifully formed studio apartment interiors have put together decor schemes that are filled with gorgeous home style, furnishings and attractive accents without feeling overstuffed, despite their limited proportions. A small open plan studio layout can too often feel like each and every area is forced up to the next without pause or breathing space, but not in these examples. Take a look at how the designers of these compact homes have managed to create visual separation and even a feeling of airiness by using carefully considered colour palettes and modern furniture silhouettes in cleverly thought out arrangements.

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  • Source: Husman Hagberg
Our first interior is set in an apartment that was originally built in 1906. The total area of this small studio home is just 21 square metres. The tall black storage unit that stands between the bed and the sofa is the wardrobe; this provides the only large scale divide in the room.

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The vibrant colour choices would have you think that this was a new build rather than being well over a century in standing.

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The small loveseat is stuffed with cosy cushions and a faux fur throw. Juicy orange colour pops contrast against luscious green indoor plants. A base of grey and white tame the brighter hues so that the palette doesn’t become childish or overbearing.

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Opposite the sofa, black kitchen cabinets match the storage unit on the other side. Wall units make full use of the vertical space. A glossy white backsplash prevents the look from becoming too heavy.

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An induction hob keeps the countertop sleek. A tidy selection of cooking oils and cutting boards are dotted along the work surface as decoration and to free up some valuable cupboard space.

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Wall mounted coat hooks keep the hallway tidy and keep bulky winter coats out of the narrow wardrobe in the main room. A small nook contains a tiny washbasin by the front door.

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A stool makes a handy bedside table, and a wall shelf over the head of the bed provides an attractive display surface. The bedding is a bold mix of tribal print and geometric pattern, which brings bags of character to the limited space. Wall art matches the edgy modern tribal theme of the bedclothes.

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Little nuggets of greenery are everywhere throughout this small apartment. The plants make the scheme feel friendly and provide cleaner air in these close quarters.

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The tiny bathroom has been given its own pop of style with the simple and easy introduction of geometric and colourful towels.

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An outdoor balcony is adorned with sweet colourful fabric cushions, plus matching blooms.

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A neat table helps make the limited outdoor space a practical and sociable area.

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Plant pots have been hooked over the railing to achieve extra gardening opportunities for green fingers.

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  • Visualizer: Lina Zaharova
This one room apartment in St.Petersburg has an entirely different colour story. Here things are of a more serious industrial vibe, with expanses of raw concrete and swathes of grey.

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Not every area is dark and dramatic though, white and light wood tone balance out the shade.

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The entertainment wall acts as a half height divide between the lounge and dining room.

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Four upholstered dining chairs provide a bit of colour around the table, whilst a swing arm wall lamp illuminates the eating area.

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A white and grey kitchen forms the backdrop to the dining area.

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Another pop of deep colour is found on the pillow cases in the bedroom.

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The bathroom is a dramatic charcoal scheme.

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  • Visualizer: Recent Spaces
Our third studio apartment is a sunlit chic space. The tone for the sophisticated home is immediately set by two golden dining pendant lights that gleam above a four setting dining table. The table is anchored in an area that could possibly have allowed for a six seat suite but the spacious feel of the room would have been compromised.

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The gold dining pendant lights work beautifully with surrounding blonde wood tone. The other accents in this space, such as the dining chairs and tabletop, are all bold solid black. The base note provide great contrast against lighter elements.

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A fruit bowl makes a simple table centrepiece.

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In the open plan bedroom, a black bed throw, wall art and a bedside table provide more black accents to the scheme.

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Everything else in the sleep space is crisp white, from the duvet cover and pillows, to wall paint and bedside lamps.

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A neat wooden chair holds reading material.

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The Scandinavian style sofa has a slimline frame to save precious space.

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  • Visualizer: Recent Spaces
Our last studio apartment tour is unusual in that it has a centrally placed sofa.

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The sofas central position is due to walkways flanking either side, providing access to the bedroom and a desk.

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The lounge area has a small round coffee table, adorned with a simple decorative vase filled with a bunch of cheerful flowers.

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An area rug defines the sitting area.

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A pendant light sheds light over the work area in lieu of a desk lamp, freeing up table space.

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