Using Muted Colours and Shapes As Scandi Style Decor

Using Muted Colours and Shapes As Scandi Style Decor

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Scandinavian style interior design is best known for its simplistic nature and monochrome look, but it’s high time for a little colour and shape. New muted colour mixes add a sense of sophistication and warmth to the minimalistic Scandi aesthetic we’ve all come to recognise and appreciate. Think russet tones, dusky coral, mellow light ochre, inky blues and sage green and you’ll be headed down the right track. This selection of three inspirational home interiors use muted moderns and bold shapes to set crisp yet cosy living scenes. Surrounding white spaces and wood tone bring balance, light and a sense of calm.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: Elena Kisenko Sergey Semkin
  • Visualizer: Sergey Semkin
Inspirational interior number one benefits from an abundance of natural light through dual aspect windows. Interior light comes from a recessed ceiling design and a black swing arm wall lamp in the lounge, plus plain white pendant lights above the dining area. The room is primarily a pale neutral scheme but receives a punch of colour via an area rug with solid geometric sections of dusky coral, yellow ochre and navy blue.

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Behind the sofa, a sweeping semi-circular mirror is fixed against the edge of a dividing wall. The mirror position combined with the reflection within it creates an optical illusion of a cut away–almost like a giant bite has been taken out of the wall. The mirror is backlit with white LEDs to add more emphasis.

  • 3 |
Kitchen bar stools have an almost burgundy sheen beside a basic black u-shaped kitchen arrangement. A selection of white wall cabinets and white marble floor tiles contrast with the dark base units. A black kitchen faucet stands out against a white tile splashback. Wooden ceiling slats bring visual warmth and neatly disguise lighting beams.

  • 4 |
The kids room is like an early spring day, with a cloudy grey sky and a little sunshine breaking through.

  • 5 |
A Mr Fox rug adds a little whimsy to the floor area.

  • 6 |
Shapes are introduced into this room scheme as a set of three little wall shelves. Swiss cross drawer handles in yellow decorate white closets. Two yellow accent drawers and shelves mark out the child’s desk area, which has a punchy cobalt blue kid’s chair.

  • 7 |
Wall hooks are provided in the shape of tree wall decor.

  • 8 |
The master bedroom is a less colourful affair, where a large amount of wood tone is used to complement a quietly rich brown and deep blue scheme. Pleasing shape has been added as an asymmetrical headboard here, which overlaps a wide floor to ceiling mirror. A slender floor lamp provides reading light at one side of the bed.

  • 9 |
A yellow bathroom faucet breaks a monochrome colour scheme.

  • 10 |
A recessed shower shelf has been finished in yellow to match the vanity faucet.

  • 11 |
The home entryway stands separately in a colour all of its own.

  • 12 |
  • Designer: Zrobym
A blast of blue cuts through our second shapely interior, across a marshmallow-like cushioned couch. Traditional wainscott has been interrupted with a recessed section of blue to add modern flair.

  • 13 |
An elliptical side table has a dual section tray top.

  • 14 |
Another ellipse makes up the handles of the TV console unit.

  • 15 |
Mirrors are used to increase the sense of space and light.

  • 16 |
A modern settee provides seating on the other side of the room.

  • 17 |
The rich brown shade of an upright piano plays harmoniously with the blue upholstery of the nearby sofa. The hues are echoed in a classic carpet.

  • 18 |
This split concept shows the possibilities of matching the kitchen to the hue of the blue sofa, or swapping out the sofa for a grey version and installing a brown kitchen to match the piano.

  • 19 |
This double workspace area sees the return of the ellipse shape present in the lounge. This time ellipses and circles create a floating piece of art that connects wall shelves together. Two dark swivel chairs add base notes to the light wooden setup.

  • 20 |
A circular lighting feature hovers above the centre of two built-in kids’ beds. A russet brown storage unit stands on the walkway of the bespoke bedroom furniture, with more storage space created within the unique bed base itself.

  • 21 |
Deeply curvaceous coving crowns the walls.

  • 22 |
White door handles camouflage against white interior doors.

  • 23 |

  • 24 |
  • Designer: Zrobym
Our last home is located in Minsk, Belarus, with contrasting colours and shape set over a floor area of 92.6 square metres. We’re immediately met with a sage green kitchen and a solid yellow ochre sofa in an open plan living room.

  • 26 |
Circular artwork decorates the dining room wall with a pop of coral.

  • 27 |
Geometric tile makes the kitchen backsplash.

  • 28 |
Yellow ochre seating has been set into the hallway.

  • 29 |
A floating shelf extrudes from an enormous hallway mirror.

  • 30 |
Humorous artwork adorns the walls.

  • 31 |
A kid’s room has the yellow and green palette carried through it.

  • 32 |
In this home the rugs are kept completely neutral in order to blend with a wooden herringbone floor.

  • 33 |
This slate grey bedroom is made cosy with plump cushions and a chunky cable-knit throw.

  • 34 |
Bedside shelves are built right into the sides of the surrounding closets.

  • 35 |
Two brown chairs sit at a window shelf that can be utilised for study or as a vanity.

  • 36 |
A dusky vanity unit brings muted colour to a monochrome bathroom.

  • 38 |
A peachy cloakroom concludes the muted colour tour.

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