Finnish Villa With Glass Walls And Private Pier

Finnish Villa With Glass Walls And Private Pier

Villa Bosund, designed by Sigge Architects, is a two family dwelling located at Bosundintie 4 a and 4 b at the heart of Espoo Suvisaaristo, Finland. The modern house was given a traditional name in honour of the Swedish-speaking islands and natural sites around the vicinity. The historical maritime connection with the Suvisaaristo Baltic Sea suits the breathtaking surroundings of the stylish complex perfectly. The marine environment calls for a private pier, which lands just metres from the entryway and leads directly up a path to the front doorstep. Sheltered outdoor areas across the front of the modern home are set to soak up the stunning sea views.

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The outdoor areas have been designed with social gathering in mind. Comfortable patio furniture with chunky throws, green leafy plants, ample exterior lighting and a stylish roaring fire pit make this a welcoming spot both day and night. The roof overhang also provides shelter from rainfall to further extend the use of the patios.

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The modern build is dominated by large expanses of glass, which replace solid walls in much of the home’s make up. This allows the beautiful outdoors to also become the main interior decor. Indoor pieces are kept neutral so as not to detract from the serenity of the views. Pale walls, ceilings, flooring and rugs keep the scheme light. Because of the large windows and the layout of the structure, it is possible to see into other volumes of the home too. This comfortable reading chair with footstool is pushed up by the window to make the most of the glorious natural daylight that spills through. A slender floor lamp and a neat side table accompany the set.

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By night, an impressive contemporary fireplace keeps the large interior space looking and feeling cosy. The fireplace has a triple aspect case that allows the line of sight to sweep on through to a dining room on the other side of the chimney breast. The chimney is faced with dark marble to bring sophistication and permanence to the scheme. It’s polished surface is highlighted from above by a strip of recessed lighting. The modern coffee table in the lounge is a matching block of black marble, decorated with a collection of amber glass vessels at one end. The warm amber colour is picked up in a large piece of abstract wall art above an L-shaped grey fabric sofa that hugs the room. A large black scatter pillow has been added to the sofa to tie it in with the rectangular black coffee table. Bold black window frames make their own design statement along one entire wall of the long living room.

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A white sculptural dining pendant light is suspended over a sleek table, which seats a party of eight to ten diners. Crystal clear decorative vases are arranged in a subtly attractive feature at the head of the lengthy tabletop. A few sprigs of greenery add life to the arrangement.

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A second dining spot is connected to a central kitchen island within the same open plan space. This more casual eating area is set at a 90 degree angle to the cooking peninsula to create a social gathering place that includes the chef. Both volumes are built with elegant white marble, in contrast to the black and dark wood effect of the cabinets behind. Integrated cooking appliances are centred within a wall of larder units behind the kitchen island with hob, with the rest of the storage units running off in an L-shaped kitchen design.

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An exposed concrete wall runs the length of the living spaces, giving the place a hint of industrial style chic.

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Outside on the luxurious sun terrace there is an open air swimming pool. Inside, a sauna and jacuzzi reside just off the main living room.

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Modern, crisp decor makes the master bedroom an inviting space, brought to life by deep orange and copper accent pieces.

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Just like in the living room, a pale cream rug almost disappears against light flooring. A walk-in wardrobe can be accessed from around the side of the headboard wall. Clear glass wardrobe doors expose a comprehensive closet system of rails, shelves and matching storage boxes. LED lighting softly lights the contents.

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Simple bedside tabletops extend directly out from the sides of a walnut finish platform bed. Low hung copper lighting illuminate their surfaces. A curvaceous designer table lamp sits on a modern console table, in front of a vast window view of the trees.

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Streaked white marble in the bathroom emulates the sea mist beyond the window pane. Contemporary faucets and towel rail are picked out in punchy matte black.

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The transparent sides of the house bring you home before even having to step through the front door.

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The interior is filled with bright uplifting spaces.

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The hallway is lined with dark walnut panels and doors, but the enormous windows keep the space awash with light. Recessed lighting lies flush in the ceiling for when nighttime falls.

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Mature trees line the shoreline by the house.

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Wild brush fills the land surrounding the house.

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Raised beds hold landscaped foliage.

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Concrete cuts through the natural borders.

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Exterior lighting shows the way home.

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The glass home shines like a beacon across the water.

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Outdoor plants are illuminated around the perimeter to maintain a garden view even by night.

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