Two Different Methods of Dividing A Studio Apartment

Two Different Methods of Dividing A Studio Apartment

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These two small homes feature two very different concepts in sectioning very limited living spaces, envisioned by two different creative minds. Our first home has a unique ‘sleep box’ installation at its centre, which effectively divides the home’s floor plan. The sleep module’s rough raw wood finish also brings colour to the rest of a cool white minimalist scheme. The second studio apartment that we will visit incorporates glass sliding doors and glazed partitions to section the small living space. Obscured glass divides, rather than solid partitions, allow the available natural light to emanate freely throughout. Which of these two small modern interiors would you choose for your home?

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  • Visualizer: Artem Tiutiunnyk
The modest 41 square metre dimensions of this apartment and a solo homeowner led visualiser Artem Tiutiunnyk to create a box concept as a way to section the interior. The sleeping ‘box’ became the jumping off point for the AZ Flat design, followed by functional zoning of the living room and a kitchen diner.

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The sleeping module is integrated into the flat in a centre placement; it is without solid walls or obscuring partitions yet it achieves an isolated effect. The bed module was designed like a piece of furniture, and incorporates much of the home’s storage into its walls. The cube sections up the floorplan and acts as a visual accent for the entire apartment.

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The box successfully slices off a dedicated entrance area for the home by separating it from the rest of the living area. The cut-out windows in the box allow light to enter its inner space. The windows enable the module and the surrounding living areas to become interpenetrating spaces that visually connect but do not merge.

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To create high contrast with the dark rough wooden composition of the sleep box, the other surfaces, walls, ceiling and floor in the apartment are pale and smooth.

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A wooden accent at the base of the tv wall decor serves as a nod to the finish on the sleep cube.

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Despite the home’s meagre proportions, the white kitchen is generously sized.

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The one-wall layout also has a central kitchen island. The granite island is equipped with two black kitchen stools to have it serve as a casual eating spot.

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As well as the storage built into the bed cube, additional storage is provided along the entryway wall. Slab front doors help the cabinets go almost unnoticed.

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The kitchen cabinets are also flat fronted and handle-free.

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Although the bed is directly visible to the kitchen diner, its dark colour shades it from clear view.

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White appliances and a white vertical radiator ensure the kitchen looks streamlined and simplified.

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A portal window has been cut between the kitchen and bathroom to distribute natural light, as well as to create a visual dialogue between the spaces. The window is equipped with smart glass technology, which at the press of a button can transform the transparent glass into matte opaque glass.

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A floor to ceiling mirror increases the sense of space in the home entryway. Modern track lighting illuminates the length of the short hallway with its hidden bank of storage.

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Various artificial lighting options were included in the interior scheme to evoke different moods for different occasions and times of day.

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White flooring throughout, plus the special attention to the lighting scheme, helps the place feel bright and airy.

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The bathroom follows on with the white minimalist aesthetic.

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More hidden storage volumes are revealed on the home plan.

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  • Visualizer: Korry Chan
Our second studio apartment tour features slide away walls.

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On closing the glazed sliding doors, the lounge area becomes a secluded space. A small loveseat, a set of nesting coffee tables and a plush area rug make it a cosy spot.

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A row of wooden storage cabinets are wall mounted opposite the sofa. There is no tv visible but the solid doors may quietly conceal electronic media within them. The space below the wall cabinets features a concrete hearth, subtly lit from beneath the upper units.

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The sliding partitions are fitted with textured obscure glass so that when they are fully closed only the light may penetrate, not the view of the next room.

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Moving through the doors behind the sofa we find a formal dining area.

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A simple white dining pendant light is suspended over a dark wood table and black chairs. Despite the dark quality of the furniture, the room appears light and bright thanks to generously sized windows.

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An L-shaped kitchen arrangement hugs the dining spot.

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Monochrome artwork decorates the home.

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A glazed partition sits atop one end of the small kitchen bench.

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A small modern home office nestles behind the screen. Indoor plants further screen the modern desk. A wooden wall cupboard matches the other kitchen cabinets but gives the office a storage space all of its own. Sheer white window blinds keep the sun’s glare off the laptop computer screen. A desk lamp is on hand in low light.

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The glass partition doors to the right of the lounge storage units draw back to reveal a private bedroom.

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A monochrome mural features as the bedroom wall decor. Egg shaped bedside table lamps glow from the bedside units at either side of the upholstered headboard.

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