Luxury Cliff Top Residence in São Paulo, Brazil

Luxury Cliff Top Residence in São Paulo, Brazil

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This is Casa Peninsula, a luxury residence in Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil. Bernandes Arquitetura set out to achieve a modern build that would complement this breathtaking natural environment. The result was a clifftop sanctuary that has a cleaver aspect to its three-story stature, which makes it appear as a light volume just teetering on the edge of the hillside and the sea below. The home is blessed with serene views that extend from its lush green cliff plot, stretching over a bay and to the horizon. The views can be enjoyed via panoramic windows or whilst enjoying a dip in a striking triangular pool up on the rooftop.

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From a soaring birds-eye view we’re able to see the triangular cut pool that slices across one corner of the rooftop sun deck; a prime location for absorbing the sweeping beauty of the encompassing bay and the sparkling ocean horizon.

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The private residence holds a seriously secluded spot on a densely green peninsula in Guaruja.

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Like a beacon of light, the home shines over the rocky cliffs.

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The bay stretches away.

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Split over three levels, the home’s ground floor hosts four guest rooms and a tv room. The middle level holds the kitchen, dining room and living room, which open out to the sun deck with triangular swimming pool. The very top floor is home to the private bedrooms.

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The swimming pool has an infinity effect, as if flowing out into the blue.

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An outdoor kitchen, an al fresco dining area and open air lounge make up the rest of the sun deck.

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A glass balustrade around the edge of the balcony leaves the magnificent view unobstructed. Retractable glass doors take away the boundary between the outdoors and the interior. A continuation of the same wood slatted ceiling gives a feeling of continuity between the two zones. Just inside the doors, a casual social spot is made up with a few comfortable chairs around a coffee table; a perfect pit stop at which to take in the view along with a chat and some refreshments.

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Inside the living room, warm fire shades of red, orange and yellow add heat to a pair of light cream sofas. A set of two different coffee tables are accessorised with a collection of interesting items at the centre of the lounge, atop a natural woven area rug. Two matching red accent chairs are set in front of the view, though their low backs dip clear of the distant horizon. Floor lamps and table lamps softly light the corners of the lounge arrangement by night.

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A modern concrete hearth runs the length of the living room wall, opposite the enormous windows. The hearth is decorated with some more interesting finds that add extra colour to the scheme. The tv wall decor is fresh plain gallery white, with the tv set back level with the wall’s surface. Sheer white drapes can be drawn across the windows to filter out the hot sun – privacy isn’t a concern out here on the secluded peninsula. Concrete grey floor tile runs the length and breadth of the open plan interior.

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The triangular shaped theme runs not only across the home’s exterior volumes and angular rooftop infinity pool, but in a unique triangular dining table. The impressive wood table formally seats ten diners.

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The bespoke dining table is directly adjacent a long one-wall kitchen, which has a selection of open kitchen shelving units and slatted cupboard doors that match with the wooden ceiling design. There is also a wood slat dividing wall at the centre of the open plan room that partially screens the staircase from the dining area.

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Sunlight washes down the open tread staircase and filters through the wood slat wall.

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A green view of tropical plants peeps in through the landscape windows along the top of the kitchen counter. Vases of fronds bring more of the greenery indoors to be enjoyed. The end of the kitchen run holds a well stocked bar area, to entertain those ten dinner guests.

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A glass balustrade makes the upper volume look open and airy.

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The huge master bedroom is a calming vision of tonal neutrals and just a hint of jade green. The bedroom has its own balcony area beyond edge to edge glass doors. The master bathroom is also of massive proportions, with generous vanity units running the length of each side of a walkway toward a luxurious freestanding bathtub by the window. The vanity mirrors are flush-fitting for a seamless look, with the bathroom wall sconces mounted directly through the glass. Wood slatted ceilings cover both of these areas in continuation with the rest of the house.

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A cantilevered upper volume appears to float impossibly above the lush green cliff top, with a glass fronted balcony that gazes out over the ocean.

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There are no neighbours around to disturb the peace out on the peninsula. The guest rooms on the ground floor ensure the homeowners won’t get lonely too often.

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The sweeping Brazilian bay makes an enviable location.

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The sound of lapping ocean waves envelop the secluded spot.

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A perfect feast for the eyes, combining the fresh blue ocean and rich green tropical treetops.

Images via Pinnacle List Bernardes Arquitetura

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