Four Perfectly Pale Scandi Style Interiors

Four Perfectly Pale Scandi Style Interiors

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The perfectly pale aesthetic of a Scandi Style interior creates a crisp look that is calming to the eye. Gallery white walls and white furniture mixed with cool grey accents and a scattering of black base notes to bring balance is what a classic Scandinavian colour palette is all about. These four modern interiors provide inspiration on how to use this simple colour story throughout each room of the home, along with ideas for stylish minimalist kitchens and bathrooms. See how to warm an ice white decor scheme by using a selection of wood tone pieces, peppering with natural greenery, and introducing soft area rugs and cosy throws.

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  • Visualizer: LVI Studio
Beginning in the open plan living space of Scandi home tour number one we find a selection of simple slimline furniture. Scatter cushions and a woollen blanket make a small settee more welcoming. Layered books and candles on the glass coffee table create a well lived-in look.

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The flooring is a whitewashed wood grain that bridges the gap between the paleness of white walls and the richness of a solid wood dining table.

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A small gallery of wall art at one side helps the dining spot appear more established and permanent. A clear vase of green fronds makes a crisp table centrepiece.

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Indoor plants decorate the home in various places, displayed in decorative pots and on plant stands. Two sets of drawers have been pushed together to make a dining room sideboard, displaying more layered arrangements of books and interesting finds beneath another gallery wall.

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The one wall kitchen is an installation of pale grey cabinets with a grey worktop and backsplash. The minimalist design has visual interest created at one end of it in the form of some open kitchen shelving. A ladder is kept nearby so that the kitchen equipment kept on the highest shelves may be easily accessed.

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The grey kitchen also has a hanging rail that allows more cooking kit to be held out on display.

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Moving into the bedroom we find a cosy charcoal grey bed ensemble against a paler grey backdrop.

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A high shelf stores a menagerie of belongings up out of the way and out of direct eyeline.

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The child’s grey bedroom is awash with natural light through patio doors. What you see on the wall is an interesting concept called ‘birth posters’ – simple line illustrations of your baby at their real birth size. It is a neat way to remember how small they were the first time you met.

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An anglepoise grey floor lamp stands by an adjustable shelving stack for books and toys.

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White mosaic tiles cover a black and white bathroom. The monochrome scheme is lifted by the warmth of natural wood grain shelving and storage trays.

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  • Visualizer: Arnon Rodrigues Walk the Room
Our second tour is around a Stockholm Scandinavian apartment. The light from a large window reflects over the glass globe shades of a modern chandelier. Established indoor plants bring a maturity to the space. Stacks of books on the floor and coffee table add personality.

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Opposite the sofa and nesting coffee tables we find an extension of the book collection on a set of floor shelves and a basic wall shelf. More plants decorate the scene.

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A kitchen pendant light trio is suspended along the length of a white marble breakfast bar. A more formal dining area is set out nearby.

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Similar to the white marble topped dining table with brown chairs, the white kitchen with an island is teamed with brown bar stools.

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The white kitchen is completed with a colour coordinated integrated cooker. Indoor herb planters grow a little bit of colour in the stark design.

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A white minimalist bathroom is situated off the master bedroom.

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Colour contrast basins and unique faucets add interest to a plain white bathroom.

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Rich wood herringbone flooring runs through the living space.

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  • Visualizer: Alexander Korobka
It’s the plants that make the first impression in our third pale Scandi home. Twigs and dark foliage look architectural against a pure background.

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A snow white sofa is covered with an avalanche of cushions.

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The black frame and legs of an ice white modern coffee table stands out against a white area rug.

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Delicate geometric pattern dances over the living room rug.

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An enormous white lantern shade swings above the coffee table.

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A silver fruit bowl brings a glint of light onto the dark wood stain of the dining table.

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Black cushioned dining chairs complete the dark dining set.

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Colourful wall art makes an unexpected statement in the white room.

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The art visually anchors the dining area in its place.

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  • Visualizer: TT Studio
Our fourth home tour features the most dark additions to a pale base. Enormous black window frames dominate an open plan living room and dining area. A black sofa matches the windows, along with black modern dining chairs, which are Drop chairs are by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen.You can find more gorgeous room ideas like this one in our collection of 50 Inspirational 50 Inspirational Scandinavian Style Living Rooms.

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Mesh balustrades let natural light flow through to a mezzanine level.

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A brown accent chair complements the wooden coffee table. Grey throws help unite the chair with the sofa.

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A stainless steel sink is integrated with the metal worktop.

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Indoor plants bring life to the minimalist kitchen design.

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