Restful Interior With Blue Brass Accents Running Through

Restful Interior With Blue  Brass Accents Running Through

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The team at Design Filosofia have untaken a third project in a residential complex that is surrounded by pine trees and a quiet sense of happiness. This design implements the aesthetics of Japanese sophistication and a desire for careful detailing. A laconic yet decorative interior was brought to life in the beauty of oak slatted feature walls and furniture, grey veined white marble, shining brass trims and shimmering glass mosaic. Depth was created within the decor through a variety of natural toned soft furnishings and sumptuous muted blue accent pieces, in contrast to simple white walls. The careful combination makes this home a restful place of contemplation and cosy relaxation.

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  • Visualizer: Vizline Studio
A blue and white lounge area floats in the centre of an open plan room. Two deep seated velvety blue armchairs face each other at either end of a white sofa. The sofa looks inviting layered up with grey throw cushions and a cosy throw.

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A blue, white and beige area rug holds the furniture arrangement like an island, situated opposite a modern letterbox fireplace. A flat screen tv is wall mounted above the contemporary fire, on a marble clad feature wall.

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The mid century modern coffee table taking centre stage in the lounge has a light beechwood finish. A collection of decorative vases and floral arrangements adorn its square surface. Translucent grey curtains dress dark framed windows in the room.

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Behind the lounge, a kitchen diner follows a similar colour palette, though this time blue chairs take on a more teal tone. A modern chandelier above the dining table is finished in black to match the dark window frames. The unusual design is the Vibia Match.

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The white marble kitchen island matches with the backsplash and countertop around the cooking hob opposite. An illuminated strip around the kitchen extractor unit highlights the marbled surface.

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By adding a formal dining table up against the kitchen island, the comfort of regular height dining chairs can be enjoyed – rather than perching on stilted bar stools as a breakfast bar setup. Currently the plates and wine glasses are set for three diners, but having a freestanding table also makes this an extendable dining spot: The table can be pulled out into the middle of the floor in order to fit more dinner guests around it should the need or occasion arise.

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One of the extra dining chairs is disguised as a desk chair at a modern workspace in the same room. The workstation itself is quite camouflaged within a sprawling bespoke display cabinet. A series of white cases and oak panels are backlit in warm white LEDs to add ambient light to the room. Copper trims pattern the cabinet doors below.

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Inside the master bedroom, the headboard wall is a beautiful oak slatted design. Two floor to ceiling mirrors interrupt the line of slats at either side of the double bed. If you like this look, be sure to check out these other bedrooms with wooden accent walls.

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In front of the tall mirrors, two flat profile bedroom pendant lights are suspended over white bedside units.

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A blue desk chair brings an injection of colour by the fitted wardrobes, which are interlinked with the work surface – almost as if the centre section of the robes had slid out to form it. The table lamp has an elegantly veined base. See more unique table lamps here.

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An upholstered bench seat spans the foot of the bed, giving the space a high-end hotel vibe.

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Abstract ornaments dress the bedside unit.

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A multi colored area rug, like the one seen out in the lounge, covers the wood herringbone flooring beneath the bed.

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The ‘extruded’ desk design results in some wardrobe display shelves.

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There is also a wood slatted wall design behind the bedroom workstation.

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Deep cut shadows become dramatic as daylight fades.

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A small bathroom has been covered from tip to toe in glass mosaic tiling. The mosaic shimmers like fish scales in the light of tiny pendant lights and backlit vanity mirror.

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Glass mosaic coupled with oak edging and bathroom furniture makes this tiny space appear luxurious and expensive.

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Mosaic tiles are replaced by large slab tiles in the shower enclosure.

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Blue ocean art sets the scene in the home entryway.

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A dedicated home office holds a small blue sofa that is lightened with natural toned scatter cushions.

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The beige reading chair in the corner is paired with a black floor reading lamp and coffee table. The black coffee table displays a vase of blue flowers to pull the mix and match seating area together.

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A much larger desk is present in the modern home office, along with large volumes of office storage furniture.

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An ocean theme runs through the home accessories on the home office shelves. A slimline designer table lamp matches the floor reading lamp in the corner.

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The ocean theme is dropped in the kids’ bedroom, and replaced with space theme decor.

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Built-in closets and shelving make the most of the available space.

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Space themed wall decals add child friendly decor the work area.

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The second bathroom is furnished with a double sink vanity.

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Chrome faucets accessorise the wooden vanity.

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Chrome towel rails complete the look.

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Grey marble meets white marble at the bathtub.

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A dramatic high-luxury sputnik chandelier immediately captures attention – bringing charm and character to an otherwise minimalist entryway.

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Brass trim lines the edges of marble tiles in the hallway, and brass door handles complement the floor design.

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