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These fabulously surreal interiors make up one complete home concept, which was envisioned by Moscow based Only Design, in Russia. The surrealist imagining is achieved by combining different eras of soviet design, where decadent Empire style has a meeting with minimalist modern pieces. Classical sculpture receives a crashing update of colour, and is combined with furniture pieces for a bizarre twist. Mirrored panels with gracefully aged patina gaze down over shiny new surfaces. Gloriously ethereal rooms are illuminated by huge windows, where sheer swags fold and filter the daylight. Powdered tones of dusky pink and soft mauve surround jarring red accent pieces and some shockingly off-key explosions of multi-colour.

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  • Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk
Traditional soviet design fills the living room of this home with ornate panache. White painted wainscot covers the walls, meeting with deeply decorative coving at the ceiling line. An out of use traditional fireplace echoes the frills and swags of the coving – and of the lightly gathered window dressing.

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Antique mirrors, heavy with patina, are set into the wall panels located around the windows. Their distressed shimmer is matched by a crystal chandelier that swings from an ornate ceiling rose. Boiserie covers a soffit that spans the divide line between the lounge and the kitchen. An elegant full length mirror is propped against the same diving line, with a dusky mauve frame that is akin to the crowning architrave of an interior door. It is the side table and dining table where things begin to slope into a surrealist realm; mirror shine gold and metallic red sprayed sculptures stand as table legs beneath white marble tops. A Borzoi and Bulldog lounge in their high-end home.

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A white modern minimalist kitchen stands in open formation with the Empire Style living room.

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A selection of ornaments toy with the neoclassical theme.

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The unique dining table is encircled by perfectly translucent Casper dining chairs, which keeps the view to the sculptural base unobstructed.

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Herringbone wood flooring decks out the lounge, and is replaced by simple grey tile in the modern kitchen.

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Vintage ladies swim amongst bubbles in the dining table centrepiece.

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In the kitchen, a mauve storage unit reflects the colour of the antique style mirror on the opposite side of the room. The deep hue brings a certain warmth and depth to the plain ice white kitchen scheme.

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A white oven blends in with the plain L-shaped white kitchen. Salvaged embossed plasterwork sits as a beautiful backsplash behind a white stove.

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More vintage curiosities adorn the kitchen countertop and windowsill, along with some indoor plants. The Jade plant brings medallions of greenery to the pale palette.

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The master bedroom holds a much warmer colour story, with dusky pink covering the entire perimeter from skirting board to coving, and engulfing boiserie and corbels.

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An archway over a daybed is set with boiserie flourishes, and is set upon double corbels at either side. An angelic wall mural within the archway casts mauve magic over natural coloured bedding and heavily contrasting black scatter cushions. The black stand of an antique tailors dummy duplicates the base note.

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A small side table by the bed has been fashioned in multicoloured parts, which jar against the classical bust subject that it supports.

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Another bust ghosts out of a mirrored panel above the bedstead, which is framed in the boiserie. Pink crystal bedroom pendants are suspended at each side of the glass, each with slightly different form. Pink bedclothes and white fluffy mongolian accent pillows dress the mauve tall poster bed. The nightstands in this bedroom are resolutely ornamental and nonfunctional, with no space for an alarm clock, book or even a glass of water.

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Another eye-popping bright accent descends from the bedroom ceiling, where day-glo beads cover the flex to a small globe pendant light. Rumpled mauve curtains conceal shelved storage units at either end of the picture perfect day bed.

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White tail feathers protrude from the hip of a male torso sculpture, which been ‘tattooed’ in neon pink. An abstract black and purple paint effect marks up a round mirror on the same console unit.

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A single bedroom is bedecked with ballet theme wall murals.

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Seasoned ballet slippers hang from their ribbons over the shoulder of a classic torso sculpture on the floor. A modern iridescent sculpture stands in the light of the window. The same lightweight curtain swags seen out in the living room and kitchen find their way into the bedroom scheme too.

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A modern semi circular desk on a chrome frame has been given a dose of Empire Style, by adding in some highly ornate columns around its base. There is a modern art sculpture that is alive with colour on the worktop, beside a unique glass table lamp on a chrome stand. A plain white modern desk chair is warmed with a cosy faux fur rug.

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Another faux fur rug nestles on the floor by the bed, where a few books have been left out. Two storage units stand at either end of the mint finish single bed, looking like architectural columns; a pair of feathered wall sconces fill the space inbetween. The ethereal scheme is splashed by a fluorescent paint effect on the white vintage mirror frame and a white wooden rocking horse. A floor lamp stands on a clashing blue, orange, pink, green, purple and yellow base.

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