A Cozy Modern Home With White Marble And Purple Accents

A Cozy Modern Home With White Marble And Purple Accents

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Modern, youthful, and elegant. This home has it all! Expertly designed by Architect, Dinara Yusupova, from U Design, this space has been adorned with an earthy color palette accented with splashes of lively purple and tranquil blue. Not to mention the sleek and stylish white marble that weaves itself through the entire design. The open concept layout was created to accommodate a couple with two children and is equipped to handle everything from larger formal dinners to intimate get-togethers. This cozy home may be small, but it has everything that a modern family could possibly need!

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This room has an energetic vibe thanks to elements like the bright white marble, purple accents, and oversized grey couch. Color has been sparingly used in order to make the ultimate impact. All we can say is, mission accomplished! The pop of purple in this room is absolutely breathtaking.

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The large modern sofa and ultra-chic coffee table make for the perfect place to lounge in front of the TV and fireplace. Whether you are aching to catch up on your favorite TV shows or looking to get lost in a good book, this living room is the place to be!

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A white marble kitchen island is just what this open-concept space called for. An island is a great way to add some extra counter space and create a cozy place for informal dining. Bonus, if you love to have guests over for dinner, it is fantastic for socializing in the kitchen during meal prep.

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The purple modern accent chair is quite the seductress is this room. Its large stature and purple hue make it a standout design choice.

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White marble has been carried over from the kitchen and used to accent the TV and fireplace. The contrast of black and white makes for a stunning effect!

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This home has a very earthy aura, no doubt partly thanks to the large amounts of wood used throughout. Not only has a soft, warm brown been used on the floors, but it has also been carried upwards on the walls. Some may say that wood paneling is passé, but this home proves otherwise!

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A table fit for intimate get togethers among friends and family. A punchy color choice of black and purple helps complete this cozy setup, but it isn’t what we first noticed about this dining room. Overhead hangs a modern chandelier that you just can’t miss! Its unique circular design makes it the perfect statement piece.

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We see that the accents of playful purple have been traded for a tranquil blue in this bedroom. The sheer white curtains make sure that during the day this room gets lots of natural light. At night that job falls to the sleek, metallic bedroom pendant lights that can be found hanging over the bedside tables.

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The window treatment pairs both sheer and heavy curtains to create a dynamic duo that is both visually captivating and practical.

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Mirror or window? Maybe the best of both worlds. This tinted glass partition makes this bedroom look more spacious, while still allowing the walk-in closet to be separated from the rest of the design. Using glass instead of a wall is a contemporary and unique choice that we can see has also been used to surround the built-in bookcase the the right.

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With so many shelves and hanging bars, it would be easy to keep your wardrobe organized in this modern walk-in. The glass and high-shine chrome look amazingly sleek in this small space.

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The other side of this walk-in features even more organizing options. There is a spot for everything from dress shirts to shoes.

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And in case you weren’t already green with envy from this spacious closet, here is another view for you. You can never have too much closet space!

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A whimsical bedroom with a dash of Scandinavian flair. The 4 poster kids’ bed in this room is uniquely shaped like a house and highlighted by string lights. The string lights are a simple addition to any room that will boost the overall energy of the space.

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Counting sheep or rocking on a sheep, this room has been designed for both rest and play. We see tons of storage space has been incorporated in to the design to store toys, such as the under bed drawers and a built-in shelving unit.

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Shelving and closed cupboards create a built-in that is both organized and modern. The open shelves are perfect for displaying select toys, while the closed cupboards conceal clutter.

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An ombre mountain mural takes the place of a plain grey wall on this side of the room. It’s simple, geometric design is captivating, without being overly showy or distracting.

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It really is the little things that tie a design together and in this corner, that couldn’t be more true.The polka dot storage cubes, Flow Chair Slim and house shaped wall storage all mesh together effortlessly in this corner. And that cute wooden hippo on the table!? He’s by Kay Bojesen and you can get one of your very own here.

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The plush grey rug sprawled on the floor is a great example of the impact that an accent rug can have. In this instance, the rug in this space is used to add a level of coziness and comfort to the bedroom. In other spaces you may notice that accent rugs are used to create texture or add color to a design.

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Another bedroom, not dissimilar to the one we have already seen. The big difference in kid’s decor would be the LEGO block accent on the bottom of the bed’s storage drawers, as well as the configuration of the built-in shelving. A subtle difference, but a poignant one.

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Beside the door we find some play equipment complete with a rope ladder, hanging rings, and a pull up bar. A great way to burn some energy on rainy days or whenever outside isn’t an option.

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We love the use of neutrals paired with the pops of bright colors provided by the toys and kids’ wall decor in this room. The contrast in saturation is absolutely stunning!

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Wish upon a star or maybe 100 with an accent wall that has been adorned with modern wallpaper. With the design of this bedroom being so clean and simple, a wallpapered wall infuses the space with a bit of drama.

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We see that the same combo of sheer and heavy curtains have also been utilized in this space. We also couldn’t help to notice the built-in lighting that gives the ceiling its heavenly glow. Day or night, this room will have no lack of light!

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An intimate entryway with big contrast. The simple black, white, and gold color scheme is irresistibly glamorous, all without over doing it.

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A walk down the hall and we find a simple door surrounded by white decorative paneling. A great example of how variance in depth and texture can take a design from simple to stunning. This space wouldn’t nearly be as eye-catching with plain white walls.

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Another glimpse of the wood paneled accent wall. The same soft brown paneling was seen earlier in the kitchen. The use of the same textiles throughout the house really unifies this home.

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A luxurious laundry day? Practically unheard of! Unless you live here of course. State of the art stackable washers and lots of shelving and drawers make laundry day a bit more bearable.

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A white marble graces the floor of this practical and stylish laundry room. The naturally sporadic veins that lightning across the tiles are perfect for concealing dirt and stains.

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Well-organized, practical, and modern. Words that not only describe this laundry room, but this entire home. Kudos to Dinara Yusupova for creating such an awe-inspiring design!

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