Garden Greens Add Personality to this Warm and Modern Apartment

Garden Greens Add Personality to this Warm and Modern Apartment

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The Secret Garden, an interior design project by designed and visualized by Polish firm Zarysy, reminds us that a little green can go a long way. Pops of emerald dazzle alongside warm woods and clean white walls in this 72,8 square metre apartment in the Lodz area of Poland. Ample vertical storage in the living areas in the form of built-in shelves and cabinets make this space not only beautiful, but functional. Additionally, this modern apartment features both mid-century modern and contemporary design features that dont clash, but compliment beautifully.

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In the modern living room, the low profile sofas and ottoman in a cool gray let the colorful rug add just the right amount of personality. A large leaf print and plenty of plants tie in the green theme.

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Each modern sofaadds additional pops of green with knitted throw pillows that feel both cozy and relaxed in this eclectic space. The living area receives an ample amount of natural light, thanks to the large windows. The apartment’sindoor plants can thrive in the sunlight.

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Circular nesting coffee tables give just enough space for a cup of coffee and a magazine, but can stow away easily for additional entertaining space.

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The geometric ceiling pendant with its sharp angles provides contrast to the round coffee tables and rounded door frames.

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The dining room pendant lightstake center stage as they cast a lovely glow over a natural wood dining table. Theglobe pendants, chairs, doorways, and circular rug add rounded softness to the clean lines of thedining area.

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A fireplace is nestled comfortably in the wall between the dining and kitchen area.

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The light wood ceiling creates a divide that makes the dining area feel separate, even though it’s an open floor plan.

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Plenty of seating in the dining and living area makes for easy entertaining.

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The dining area offers a full view of both the living room and the kitchen.

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The square kitchen clock hangs on a magnetic wall that offers clever organization for reminders and messages.

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The emerald green found in other areas of the home carry over into the L-shaped kitchen, which offers plenty of storage and counter space.

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The white and green kitchen also lets in plenty of natural light through the large window above the sink.

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While narrow, the hallway offers a long view into the main living area with additional storage for coats, boots, and other items.

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Beautiful wood shelving and with open closet space ensure there’s a spot for jackets, shoes, and accessories.

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A cheery yellow swing arm wall lamp adds a nice bit of color while mirrors make the space feel larger.

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The unique rounded staircase designcontinues the mix of curves and angles found in the rest of the apartment.

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The open wood slats and spindles in the spiral staircase are striking design features.

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At the top of the stairs, a long hallway with vertical bookshelves allow for easy display of the collection.

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Striking book covers have the opportunity to shine in this alternative to traditional shelving.

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In the luxurious bathroom, we see the green continue with more plants, natural light, and a crisply tiled shower.

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A large wood vanity offers generous storage while the wall clock keeps time in a space that feels easy to escape to.

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Vertical storage above the vanity is an unexpected way to store towels and toiletries.

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The same warm woods throughout the rest of the home continue into this space, down to the towel pegs alongside the shower.

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Emerald green walls and doors continue the verdant feel.

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This bathroom also continues the use of low profile storage for hiding laundry bins or spare linens.

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The green doorway is a playful touch that ties in with the other greens found in the kitchen and living area.

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