Small Apartment With Big Ideas On Bespoke Furniture

Small Apartment With Big Ideas On Bespoke Furniture

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The architect team at Line Design Studio have designed a bespoke space saving interior for an apartment that measures just 65 square metres. Located in Svetlogorsk, Russian Federation, the apartment features a narrow living room that was also required to include a dedicated work area for the client. The kitchen occupies a separate room, complete with a fully fledged dining area and its own comfy sofa. The bedroom is a shared space that incorporates a bespoke bunk bed design to suit its compact limitations, as well as a tv and gaming area. Despite the tight dimensions of the home, every area feels open and airy thanks to ingenious built-in furniture ideas and calm cohesive decor.

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  • Photographer: Sergey Melnikov
A minimalist living room decor scheme helps this narrow space feel airy – rather than claustrophobic with a menagerie of display and decor items closing in the walls. The corridor-like room runs straight into a home office area, which has been defined by a runaround wood effect panel on both walls and ceiling. The home office end of the modular sofa also changes colour here, from soft beige to black.

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The wood effect wall panel ends at a floating desk design, as if the panel had been folded out to form the shelf desk at its extremity. Only a neat desk lamp and a simple vase of greenery adorn the minimalist workspace.

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Beside the desk, a floating unit runs the length of the living room. The wall mounted cabinet can be used to store office supplies by the small desk and media items below a flat screen tv. A modern coffee table set holds the tv remote and some light reading material within reach of the sofa.

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The larger of the coffee table duo is made from punched sheet metal, powder coated in a pure white finish.

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In stark contrast, the smaller coffee table of the pair is coated jet black, set on a chequered black area rug.

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Next door to the lounge, a kitchen diner occupies roughly the same floor space as the living room. Kitchen cabinets and open kitchen shelving hug one wall whilst a small sofa occupies the other. The Scandinavian style chairs and dining table set takes up the brightest spot right by the window. SImilarly to the home office area in the lounge, wood panelling surrounds this zone. A wireframe dining pendant light drops down from the ceiling panel.

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A white oven and hob matches with the light worktops and marble backsplash.

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Wood kitchen base units tie in with the Scandi style dining set.

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Some of the cabinet doors have the same white punched metal finish seen used for the living room coffee table.

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The punched sheet metal doors allow for items to be partially seen through, without revealing too much kitchen clutter.

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The marble backsplash stretches the full height and length of the one wall kitchen. There is not a lot of bench space in the small kitchen, but a tower of open shelving allows for frequently used items to be kept out and close to hand.

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A stainless steel faucet matches the undermount kitchen sink.

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Sliding glass doors open up the end of both the lounge and the kitchen diner to the hallway, which creates one free-flowing living space. The hallway itself is a spacious zone with decor that is synonymous with the other rooms.

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A floating bench seat protrudes by the door as a place to perch and put on shoes.

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The front door and hallway feature wall have been coloured grey to challenge the warmth of wood tone panelling.

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The wood panels open to reveal a generous amount of hall storage. White closet doors conceal more storage at the far end.

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When closed, the sliding doors of the living room still allow natural daylight to pass through their frosted glass panes to light the hallway.

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The bedroom is a shared space with ocean blue and white decor.

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A high backed upholstered seat has been built into an awkward corner. The comfy chair serves as a reading nook, and as a place to watch tv and play video games.

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Wood panelling and a white media unit make up the tv wall decor. LED perimeter lighting sends a soft glow down the bedroom walls and blue window blinds.

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Blue venetian blinds also cover a glass door out to a bedroom balcony. A bespoke bunk bed design make this bedroom fit for two sleepers without compromising floor space. The built-in bunks have storage drawers beneath but there are no wardrobes in this room. Clothes can be stored just outside the bedroom door in the two hallway closets.

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A modern wall sconce provides reading light inside each bunk. Floating wall shelves act as bedside units, each with their own power sockets for charging phones overnight.

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A combined bathroom and utility saves space. This washer dryer sits right under the vanity unit, opposite the toilet. The vanity is crisp and white with a coordinated countertop. A mosaic effect tile decorates the white walls.

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The vanity top incorporates a unique bathroom sink. The basin’s circular shape is echoed by a large round illuminated vanity mirror, plus a smaller version that brings additional light to the wash area. A square shaped soap dispenser and toothbrush holder play on the sharp edges of the mosaic effect wall decor.

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