White Minimalism: 3 Examples That Show How To Get It Right

White Minimalism: 3 Examples That Show How To Get It Right

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The minimalist aesthetic is an amalgamation of clean lines and simplistic layouts, and this recipe lends itself perfectly to a light and fresh white decor finish. The initial idea of creating a simple white interior design sounds like a simple one - however it can be tricky to get the balance just right. How do you fashion a stylish space with minimal items? How do you avoid a chilly atmosphere in the absence of colour? Stick with us as we walk you through three white minimalist home tours that nail the look; see how to use texture, shape, careful curation and bespoke storage solutions to succeed in a high end minimalist makeover.

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  • Visualizer: Z Design
Our first of three home tours begins in a minimalist living room, which is furnished with two white sofas and an open plan kitchen in one corner. The white on white kitchen installation is mostly set into a wall of full height cabinets, with the exception of a dining peninsula that serves three seats along an overhang. The walls in the room are devoid of decoration or art, however they are painted with light to create a welcoming glow.

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The only colour in the room comes from a small library, which only half fills a set of display shelves to maintain the pared back effect. Plain white blinds dress large windows.

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Despite the all white colour scheme in the galley kitchen, the integrated appliances have been selected in a black colourway. The black notes provide a bite of interest and add weight to the look.

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Beyond the living room, a white bedroom scheme is a calm and restful place.

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A black bed throw provides a visual anchor in this light room.

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Despite the cool white palette, this still looks a cozy bedroom thanks to casually stacked reading material on and under rounded bedside tables.

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The master bedroom layout also includes an open plan ensuite shower room. A square toilet and bidet provide a high end look in the plain scheme. Black fixtures and fittings bring it bang on trend.

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Decayed pattern decorates the wall behind a modern sofa in our second minimalist home tour. A small section like this adds just the right amount of interest in a simplified scheme.

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White tv wall decor has been textured with sections of slatted wall. The wall mounted media console unit is finished in a very light wood effect. The same pale wood tone is repeated as a flat wall panel behind an adjacent desk to softly define the work area.

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The living room runs into an open plan white kitchen. The floating tv unit is chamfered at this end to create a smooth flow between the two spaces, as well as a stylish feature. A black modern chandelier marks the transition between the two areas of use, over a dining peninsula.

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Open kitchen shelving and some wall units bring areas of light wood grain into this end of the room too.

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Another patterned feature wall appears inside the modern bedroom in this home, this time across a headboard wall.

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A floating side table serves each side of the bed, finished in wood effect.

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Wood panelling covers the side of the bathtub in the main bathroom, and continues around the perimeter to join with a vanity area.

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Bespoke bathroom furniture is flush fitted for a seamless flowing look.

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Pale grey-blue tiles mark out the shower zone.

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The kid’s room decor incorporates gentle blue and biscuit tones. Generous amounts of storage is hidden away in bespoke closets and cabinets to keep the room clear of mismatched bulky toys.

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Geometric pattern finds its way into the scheme through a cosy area rug and a painted bedroom feature wall.

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The hallway is kept free from the clutter of coats, shoes and bags by installing plentiful storage options.

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  • Visualizer: D3 Design
Our last minimalist home tour brings us to this cosy space, with a warm lighting scheme and wood laminate flooring.

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Despite the overall emptiness of the room, the perimeter lighting and the glow from unique floor lamps make this a welcoming room.

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One of two white side tables holds a clear glass fruit bowl. There is no additional ornamentation in this simplistic relaxation space; the upholstered taupe sofa is the hero of the piece.

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Around the corner stands a kitchen with an island. A formal dining area is made up of six white modern dining chairs around a white dining table by the window.

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Black and grey tones dress the windows in this home, in stark contrast to the rest of the light decor.

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The white kitchen island is equipped with a compact tubular cooker hood to keep the look crisp and free from unnecessary ornamentation.

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A glass room divider has been fitted with window blinds to conceal the busy appliance side of the kitchen from view of the dining area and the home entryway.

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Soft LED lighting glows along the kitchen backsplash.

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Upstairs, the master bedroom scheme uses a larger amount of deep grey tones to match an industrial chic concrete feature wall. Warming woodtone engulfs an open plan closet.

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The industrial vibe continues inside the master bedroom.

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A concrete floor runs seamlessly through, creating one complete wet zone with the shower floor.

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A white countertop cuts across the double sink bathroom vanity, with bright lighting around twin mirrors to counterbalance the dark decor.

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