Indoor Outdoor Living At The Flamenco House

Indoor Outdoor Living At The Flamenco House

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Linear volumes stack to form a modern home on a green plot in Jardim Europa, Brazil, offering a living area of 1300 square metres. The contemporary build design is by BZP Arquitetura, with architect Bia Prado leading the team. The ‘Flamenco House’ project was tailored to a young couple with 2 children who wished to integrate the garden with an interior social area. Prado implemented a large retractable wall of glass and aluminium to blur the boundaries, whether the doors stand open or closed. The green tropical garden and courtyard become one with the home, and rustic stone feature walls appear both inside and out to make one free-flowing cohesive aesthetic.

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The modern home exterior is clad in wood at the skyline and stone at the base. A concrete patio and a wooden deck helps integrate the indoor and outdoor living spaces; it also provides a landing spot for an alfresco dining set, outdoor sofa and sun loungers. White concrete outlines the buildings form, and mature trees perforate its roofs and decks.

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The architects have also included some bioclimatic strategies in the project, such as protective films on glass, photovoltaic panels that absorb solar energy and convert it to heat to warm water for showers and faucets, and green roofs help insulate as well as landscape. Air movement and greater climatic comfort are achieved with a cross ventilation system through the living environments, thus reducing the constant use of air conditioning. A rainwater collection cistern is used in the irrigation of the garden.

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The home is set over three floors – though only two are visible above ground. The family social areas live on the ground floor, including a home theatre.

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A cutaway ceiling above the patio allows a tree to mature and grow straight through it.

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More trees puncture different parts of the homes structure – as though the house itself were rooted in the garden.

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A narrow swimming pool washes around one side of the house. Tropical plants overhang the water.

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With the sliding doors all the way open, the patio and living room seem to make one seamless living space. This effect is flawlessly underscored by visual cohesion between the modern outdoor chairs and the contemporary living room furniture.

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On the other side of the main living room there is a courtyard design, which lets more light enter the house and connects it even further with the garden.

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Another lounge spans a more snug area, perfect for snuggling up and watching tv in. Although the look here is not quite so open, it does still connect with the garden. A rustic stone wall is peppered with random collections, placed on display shelves that are mounted in straight lines from top to toe.

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The formal room interior design ideas and photos modern dining room is also clad in textured stonework. A set of moss green dining chairs complement the natural look, and match the lush garden view on the opposite side.

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The stone wall continues seamlessly on the other side of the window glass, connecting the indoor and outdoor areas. A sputnik chandelier stretches out delicately above the dining table.

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A second dining room looks upon the same courtyard that serves the main living room around the corner.

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A unique chandelier adds interest to the minimalist room.

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The home contains a third dining set too, ensuring the family have plenty of choice when deciding where to dine each evening.

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Away from the main house, at the other end of the lawn, there is an independent building with several rooms inside. One of these is a kids’ playroom, described as a ‘toy library’ by the architects. Colourful lego storage cubes line the perimeter of the room to keep the kids stuff tidy and organised. One of the lego ‘blocks’ that’s positioned below the wall mounted television serves as a media unit. A kids’ play area fills the lawn outside the glass doors.

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This living room is situated on the upper floor, next to the bedrooms. A blue geometric rug colours the room beneath a pale neutral sofa and two grey accent chairs.

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The blue colour theme runs into the adjacent double bedroom. Geometric patterned window drapes and a geo headboard add a little quirk to the plain backdrop.

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A wood vanity unit breaks up pure white bathroom decor.

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This second bathroom is a much more lavish affair, with a gold vanity unit and black marble basin. Black marble tiles the wall too, where a unique gold mirror shines like a giant gem. Wooden panels make a backdrop behind a grey toilet.

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Rustic stepping stones form a path toward the house.

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Wooden shutters shield the bedrooms.

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Tropical foliage feathers the borders.

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The pool runs right up alongside the walls of the home.

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This plan provides us with a birds-eye view of the swimming pool and how far it reaches. We also get a better idea as to the layout of the independent part of the house that lies at the bottom of the garden. The separate volume contains the toy library, plus a gym and sauna for the grown ups.

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First floor layout, including bedrooms, bathrooms and upstairs lounge.

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The house has a large basement that is home to the technical areas, services and a garage big enough to house eight vehicles.

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Several trees are incorporated into the home design.

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This architectural drawing shows how trees become part of the house by growing through patio roofs.

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Plan showing pool depth and descent to basement.

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Basement detail.

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Plan for retractable doors.

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Pool alongside the house.

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Ramp down to parking garage.

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Home plan over all three floors, with staircase design.

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Home plan plus outbuilding.

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