Easy Breezy Town House With Hints of 1970s Decor

Easy Breezy Town House With Hints of 1970s Decor

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Designed and implemented as a town house in Istanbul by COA Architects, the interior of this home has been filled with soft tones and smooth lines to promote calm and peace of mind. There’s a hint of some 1970s style decor here too: cane cork furniture, macramé hangers tropical indoor plants in wicker baskets, plus a heavy use of gold handles on everything all combine to make a decidedly retro flavour. The rest of the furniture follows a glossy black theme to add weight and luxe to the light backdrop. Botanical accents have been dotted around to add interest to white walls, and we find some unexpected pops of colour as we continue the tour.

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  • Photographer: Altkat Architectural Photography
In the living room, an exposed brick accent wall has been painted in a light shade of grey along one wall of the living room. The feature wall creates a textured backdrop for the television, which is very much the focal point of the room. More ideas on how to use brick accent walls here.

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A cane accent chair sits by a large window with flowing white sheer curtains to keep the room looking bright and breezy. A cane coffee table with a black glass top ties in with the same look.

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In the centre of the room there is a very pale grey modern sofa, which effectively splits the open plan room between the lounge and the dining area.

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A semi circular mirror decorates the wall behind the wall mounted television. Tassels hang from the base of the mirror, creating a black curtain behind the tv screen that disguises black electrical wires. Two more half circle mirrors with decorative tassels form wall plates for lamps at each side.

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Wicker baskets have been selected to hold a couple of flowering indoor plants at either side of a black gloss console unit. A second unit stands by as extra storage on one side, whilst a gold and black shelving unit holds a display of treasured items at the other end of the room.

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A unique watering can and a minimalist clock are just two of the items that fill the metal and glass shelving unit. More indoor plants add colour to the shelves too.

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Behind the sofa, a matching black metal shelving unit sits atop a storage unit. The shelves help to visually divide the dining room from a small sitting area by the window.

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The neat sitting area could be used for drinking in the view whilst sipping on hot coffee, or as a light reading nook.

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Botanical wallpaper compliments an indoor plant in a rattan pot. Another rattan basket has been upturned to be used as a mini coffee table, with the help of a some mirrored glass to create a stable top. The two chairs that sit by the view are the Wegner style Wishbone Chair.

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A mini pendant light and a couple of candle stands bring soft ambient lighting to the little hangout area after nightfall.

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The shelving unit is accessible from each side so that is serves both the dining room and the seating area.

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An unusual choice of dining lighting extends over this space, with three wall lamps lined in a row. Below the trio of gold light shades, a monochrome modern dining room set has a mixture of chair styles to keep the look fresh and informal.

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Daylight from the window pushes through the slender framed shelving unit, and bounces off the glass topped dining table.

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A radiator hides in the storage space below the shelves.

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The wood flooring of the living room breaks at the doorway, to be replaced a light glossy laminate in the hallway. Wood log slices are used as art on the white walls.

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A cork bench, reminiscent of 1970s style furniture, fills a nook. You don’t have to hunt out a retro piece to hit the trend though, you can recreate this look with the SINNERLIG bench from Ikea.

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We find a second grey sofa in a room decorated with a striking teal stripe. A picture ledge divides the colour on the lower half of the wall from a fresh white top.

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Storage cupboards occupy the opposite side of the spare room.

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Yellow ochre makes a warming accent colour in the bedroom.

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Fitted bedroom furniture wraps the walls.

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Indoor plants feather the edges of the room.

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A plethora of gold handles punctate an abundance of white closet doors.

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In the bathroom, a traditional brass tap fills a marble basin. Modern tiles make a herringbone style border inside the shower enclosure.

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The small galley kitchen is filled with another explosion of gold cabinet handles. The tiny window is shrouded with a distinctly 1970s darling, which is a macramé plant pot hanger. The macramé trend is becoming very en vogue again, so get knotting.

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The golden touch.

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The white cabinets are slightly textured.

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On into the home office…

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Trailing plants hang from high places, adding hues of green and purple.

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A wall mounted unit provides an adjustable shelving solution.

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