Grey And Blue Interior Design: 3 Gorgeous Decor Schemes

Grey And Blue Interior Design: 3 Gorgeous Decor Schemes

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This trio of gorgeous grey and blue interiors are all set to entice you into a brand new cool colour scheme. Each of the modern city apartments feature a myriad of individual design features that are set to send your imagination to new heights. Some examples include: A bespoke terrarium, contemporary accent furniture ideas, classy kitchen designs, unique feature walls, luxurious modern bathrooms, beautiful lighting models, ribbed panelling, slatted walls, smooth storage solutions, creative room layouts, and one optical illusion dining room table, phew! These treasure troves may be compact, but they are packed with home style gold… only there’s no gold, just grey and blue. Enjoy!

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  • Designer: Tim Gabriel Gabriel
  • Visualizer: Tim Gabriel Gabriel
Kicking things off with a small interior of just 54 square meters, we tour an apartment in the centre of Moscow, in a historic 19th century building. The home was designed for a young travelling businessman who desired a cozy and comfortable bolthole, instead of living out of hotel rooms. A modern sofa has been situated with its back against a kitchen island. A circular area rug defines the lounge floor space.

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A blue accent chair sits across from the sofa, which is dressed with a blue cosy throw to keep the colour theme consistent.

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A wall clock is mounted high above a media unit that steps down across the tv wall. Wall mounted bookshelves occupy the other end.

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Bar stools at the central kitchen island are positioned to face into the lounge, allowing the homeowner and guests to enjoy a little tv during dinner. The dining bar has drawers incorporated into its shelf to store cutlery and napkins close to hand. Power points are available in the upstand so that this bench can also be used as a laptop workspace, or as a phone or tablet charging point close to the sofa.

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Wall art brings a little nature to the interior.

  • 7 |
A cool breakfast bar light adds a sculptural touch above the bar stools.

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The blue bedroom design features a textured headboard wall. Ribbed panels have been cut and interlocked over the accent wall to form geometric pattern.

  • 9 |
Two repositionable wall sconces provide reading light at each side of the double bed.

  • 10 |
Glass closet doors stand opposite the foot of the bed, displaying well organised racks through tinted doors.

  • 14 |
A marble floor defines the home entry and hallway from the main living room floor.

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  • Designer: ArtPartner Architects
  • Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects
Home number two is a more spacious affair. A longer modern sofa divides the lounge from the kitchen diner, but this time with breathing space in between. A large rectangular blue area rug contains the lounge furniture, including a modern coffee table at its centre.

  • 16 |
A one wall kitchen spans the back of the room, with a selection of grey and copper cabinets.

  • 17 |
Slatted partition walls separate the lounge from the home entryway to keep the living room feeling cosy. The same effect has been used to fashion doors that conceal storage volumes.

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A bank of storage quietly fills the wall opposite the sofa in the modern living room, with a single line of cubbies left open to view along the floor line.

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Since there is no garden to enjoy, a terrarium makes a home for plants.

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The tv in the lounge, and the terrarium, is viewable from the dining table.

  • 22 |
A ribbed black panel helps the tv screen blend with decor.

  • 23 |
Copper legs on the dining table match with kitchen wall cabinets.

  • 25 |
Ribbed panels run around the sleep space.

  • 26 |
The bedroom features a freestanding bathtub by the window, with views out over the city.

  • 27 |
A wall mounted media unit below a flat screen tv is finished with a slatted effect.

  • 28 |
Just off the kitchen there is a glass wall bathroom, where a freestanding pedestal sink and an elliptical vanity mirror form a beautiful pairing against a wood slatted wall.

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A grey toilet is set against a paler grey backdrop.

  • 30 |
Chests of drawers and a handy seat are revealed behind closet doors in the home entryway.

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  • Visualizer: ONI Render
Our third interior belongs to a 133.2 square metre apartment in Moscow, Russia, and was designed for a young couple. Sofas have been arranged to define a square lounge area within the open plan layout. A small side table stands behind one of the sofas, handy for keeping current reading material close by.

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A rectangular black coffee table stands at the end of the second sofa, where black rectangular scatter cushions have been placed to match.

  • 34 |
The ceiling holds a number of track lighting installations, which illuminate the room and a wall of storage that features decorative volumes.

  • 36 |
The struts on which the dining surface is supported are completely transparent, giving the piece a floating effect.

  • 37 |
A clear carafe dresses the clear legged table. Grey ceramic floor tiles blend with the grey kitchen; the merge was designed to dissolve the sight of the large kitchen from the attached living room.

  • 38 |
Around the corner, a deep filled seat makes a wonderful reading nook.

  • 40 |
Circles punch through panel doors.

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