How-To Decorate Your Home With Texture

How-To Decorate Your Home With Texture

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Colour choice is probably the first thing that springs to mind when you’re considering room decoration, along with the perfect layout and furniture. However, you could be missing a trick if you’re not contemplating the use of texture in your design scheme too. Texture brings a whole new dimension and depth to walls; thick throws and faux fur cushions can transform the look of a plain sofa or bed. From feature walls and textiles, to rugs and light shades, we’re taking you on a journey through three home interiors to show how it’s done. Plus, we look at how to make the most of the added texture, by installing lighting solutions to highlight and dramatise the effect.

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  • Designer: Nazar Tsimbalyuk
  • Visualizer: Nazar Tsimbalyuk
A stone feature wall stands proud inside our first textured home tour; the unique apartment has a total area of 86 square metres, located in Luzern, Switzerland. This interior is a great example of how to prevent a very neutral and pale room aesthetic from becoming boring, by putting a variety of textures to play. Add slatted window shutters to cross a large expanse of glass. Choose unique floor lamps with rattan or crinkled paper shades. Provide contrast on a durable natural woven rug with smooth round coffee tables.

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On the opposite side of this lounge, a modern fireplace burns brightly in a wide marbled chimney breast. Note how they’ve offset the cool marble effect with a raw concrete background and some warming wood panels.

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You can even use plants to add texture to a room. Green foliage is a perfect way to feather sharp edges, or you can use dried specimens like this Pampas grass for softer colour. This flourish of grass matches the natural tone of a modern accent chair in the corner of the room.

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Kitchen cabinets don’t have to be smooth.

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These kitchen units have slatted doors, which give them a slightly tribal look when teamed with the hand-woven dining room light shades and a couple of tree log bar stools. Always aim for at least three textures in any given vista for elevated effect.

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The wooden kitchen bar stools push up to a marbled kitchen island, creating a meeting of two different natural grains.

  • 8 |
The other base units, kitchen countertop and backsplash are of a marble effect too. Using a diagonal vein along the baseline offsets the rigid vertical nature of slatted wall cupboards.

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Know when to turn up the texture, and when to rein it back. At the end of the wood and marble galley kitchen run, a wall of white units camouflage with a white wall. By subduing some elements, you will be able to make a more eye-catching feature of another – like this wooden display cubby.

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The same set of textures can be translated into any room of the home. Take a look at how the stone and wood slatted shutters from the main living spaces also apply in the bedroom.

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Use perimeter lighting to exaggerate an interesting accent wall, like these warm white LED strip lights.

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A backlit vanity mirror works wonders in dramatising a rustic bathroom wall.

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  • Designer: Sergey Makhno Architects
  • Visualizer: Sergey Makhno Architects
Our second inspirational home has a total area of 50 square metres, located in Kyiv, Ukraine. In here, all of the walls are perfectly imperfect because they have been finished with tactile clay. Architect Sergey Makhno explained: ‘We appreciate the Wabi Sabi philosophy and saw imperfect things as beauty. This apartment shows natural irregularity and calmness, love for natural materials and shapes.”

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Rough walls require smooth contrast, like this wood dining set.

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Rough and rustic wooden kitchen cabinets can be juxtaposed by sleek hi-tech appliances, like the integrated oven in this one wall kitchen. The owner of this apartment travels frequently to Thailand and Sri Lanka, where it’s commonplace to mix modernity with tradition, and the interior reflects this.

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Wood, clay, and linen create an all natural living space.

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Complement areas of texture with original handmade items for even more character. A unique trio of ‘umbrella’ bedroom pendant lights provide mood lighting in the bedroom. Their rustic nature looks at home against the stone headboard wall.

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Patinated pieces evolve in texture, like this pendant light on the opposite side of the platform bed.

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Create texture groupings; a natural rug makes rough woven rings around a curvaceous accent chair.

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A cactus makes a spiky addition.

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The new bathroom was positioned in the old balcony space, and elevated onto a podium.

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Clay effect bathroom pieces provide a refreshing change from basic acrylic. Tactile cloud-like light shades float above the tub.

  • 23 |
  • Designer: Igor Sirotov
  • Visualizer: Igor Sirotov
Create all encompassing deep textured walls for ultimate dramatic effect, like in our final home. Here, perimeter lights highlight creased walls of deep charcoal. A modern floor lamp brightens a shady corner by a cosy sofa.

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Choose kitchen cabinets with a textured effect too, to fully complete the effect.

  • 25 |
The upholstered sofa creates a visual cushion between the hard lounge walls and kitchen.

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Where room textures are hard and stony, bring in luxe elements like this gold and glass modern chandelier.

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The black and grey kitchen almost disappears into the dark backdrop; it is the change in texture that defines it.

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Contrast floor treatments to define different areas.

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A floor lamp casts a spotlight on a small area, but a skylight throws copious amounts of light and is perfect for nurturing a leafy vertical garden.

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The texture is reined back on the bedroom headboard feature wall.

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Slatted doors divide space but allow light through.

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A modern lighting scheme provides a layered look in the bathroom.

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Another example of how an illuminated mirror can greatly exaggerate a wall treatment.

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The glow accentuates the warm tone of the wooden panels.

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