Concept: A Mixed Reality Enhanced Smart Quarantine Shelter

Concept: A Mixed Reality Enhanced Smart Quarantine Shelter

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In this conceptual design by Inna Sparrow and Vova Kurbatov, we explore what it takes to create an ideal quarantine shelter. “Designing a perfect quarantine shelter is not an easy task. We had to leverage all basic principles of architecture, interior design, materials and new technologies. But only by placing the house into an imaginative ideal natural environment made the concept fully complete.” mused the talent, and we agree. If there is one thing that causes cabin fever in lockdown its lack of contact with Mother Nature. There’s way more at play here though, stay tuned for a technologically rich experience that’ll keep you health aware, updated, entertained, well nourished, and efficient at work.

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The clean simplicity of the interior allows the raw concrete and timber architecture of the house to shine through. Spacious living and recreational areas, with open connection to the outdoors prevents the inhabitants from feeling hemmed in during quarantine. Of course, a remote location with a gorgeous beach view helps too.

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Much of the interior is designed to hide sensors that pair with mixed-reality glasses to show augmented information. The network of sensors track environmental changes that initiate real-time adjustments to suit current activities in each zone. However, without the glasses on, the living room looks like any regular modern interior. A modern sofa, floating sideboard, and natural nesting coffee tables with a casual carafe centrepiece make up a comfy lounge.

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On the other side of the living room, a custom bench seat with cabinets, and a log storage shelf are built into the house’s minimalistic architecture. The pinewood finish of the piece, along with other matching timber elements, act as a softening tone between cool industrial concrete and crisp white paintwork. An area rug throws down a splash of pattern and texture.

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With mixed-reality glasses on, multiple walls are transformed into massive ‘screens’ of information. Voice and hand tracking provides control. Machine learning algorithms allow the smart system to track health information inside and outside of the house. It will recommend the best time to go out for groceries and even plan optimal nutrition. A natural-voice assistant is also available to give short audio updates and start interactions.

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The built-in seating unit slides up next to a wood burning modern fireplace. Circular pads provide comfortable sitting spots along the wooden top.

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A modern wall sconce marks the corner up as an ideal spot in which to read. A tall recessed window lets in plenty of natural light too.

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Decorative touches around the minimalist space are representative of nature, such as the iconic Eames bird and scavenged branch on the sideboard. A pixelated stag sculpture on the fireplace bridges the natural and technological themes of the smart house.

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A pouf makes a third circular motif with the pair of round nesting tables. A round mirror continues the shape theme above the wall mounted unit.

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The house is a combination of family gathering areas and blessedly private spots for breathing space. Textured concrete tiles distinguish the living room from a hallway and small library.

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Glass walls extend the sense of space. Concrete bearing walls merge with the concrete floor.

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Sliding doors can be opened to connect the dining room and lounge as one fluid living room.

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A custom window opens up the dining room, making it feel like an alfresco eating area.

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A slatted wall between the dining room and kitchen lets line of sight pass through whilst maintaining clear zoning.

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On the other side of the slats, a concrete kitchen sink sweeps below a serving hatch.

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The hob is sunk into the concrete countertop. Rattan storage baskets bring the gentle natural vibe to a solid concrete shelf.

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Each room scheme is functional and timeless.

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Sound absorbers wrap the walls of what comes across as an understated meditative relaxation space at first. An elegant swing arm wall lamp stretches toward an Eames armchair and a beautiful bonsai tree.

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The other side of the room contains a minimalist home workspace…

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…MR technology brings about massive changes, transforming one entire wall into a computer desktop for work, meetings, social communication, streaming movies, online shopping, latest local and world news updates, and regular health checks.

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Although everything is available on the MR desktop, there is a Braun classic BC02 desk clock by Dieter Rams for time checks during relaxation periods.

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The smart quarantine shelter concept as a whole is based on a combination of just six main factors: nature, architecture, interior, internet of things, artificial intelligence, and mixed reality. Each play an essential part in the house, which becomes like a living organism, always ready to serve. Check out the video below to see the augmented reality concept in full flowing action. Featuring a symptom-tracking system, all the latest news and updates from the outside world, a simple weather tracker, music player, menu planner and cooking guide right on the prep countertop and hob, and the home office work station of the future. There is even activities and hobby support with a 3D element, as the power of AI is on hand to help you choose between surfing, kiteboarding, cycling, and more.

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